Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September 2010

So for a few moths I have been neglecting my blog. Every time I sit down to post something I get to overwhelmed and decide not to. So the next few posts are catch ups and I will wait to do October post for a few days. Have fun catching up with our summer!!

So in September Clary Sage met her great Grandma and Grandpa Bradley Joe got out of boot camp and he and Laura came to stay with us for a week and a half and my Dad came out for two weeks to job hunt!

Clary's new owl hat that I just love but not as much as she does. Every time I put it on her she knows how cute she looks in it

   Joe and Laura with Clary Sage. Joe had never met Clary until he got out of boot camp. BTW Joe and Laura will be welcoming baby girl Wilson in January!!!! I am so excited!!!

  Joe taught Jonas some "Army" moves and soon wished he hadn't

  My dear Aunt Mary lost her husband Steve to ALS a few weeks ago. It was such a sad funeral but it was nice to see all my aunts and uncles, they hadn't all been together for many many years

Mack's Inn

Every year since Scott was young his family has camped in Island Park. We have only been 3times since we got married, This past August we went up and had a blast.

Jonas and Clary Sage sleeping on the drive

Jonas floating down the river

All the cousins trying to catch fish out of the river

   Yellowstone at Old faithful

 We love to camp and we do so whenever we get a chance. Going on this camping trip Scott and I knew that this was the last time we would use this tent. It has seen many great camping trips and also so pretty nasty wind and rainstorms. It has been quite a faithful tent but it was time to put it to rest. So instead of just throwing it away we thought we would let Jonas rip it apart with his knife. He had so much fun and then he cried for an hour because he was sad it was "dead"

August 2010

Our whole summer was pretty busy and full of fun activities. You would think with a new born that we would stay home more, but not us. Clary Sage is such a little trooper that she just loves to go on adventures with us.

Jonas as you all know has been through a lot but August brought on a first for him... his first stitches. We were at the pool with his cousins and Jonas jumped in and turned to catch the ledge with his hands and instead caught it with his chin. He ended up getting 10 stitches and was really tough about it.

 The same day Clary sage went swimming for the first time and she just loved it!

 After Jonas got his stitches I took him right back to the pool to play and he was quite proud to show off his war wounds.

 Every night when I tuck Jonas into bed we say a prayer and sing a song together. Well now Clary has become part of that and Jonas always tells her stories. These two just love each other so much, and I just love watching them together.